Podcast Gear for the Traveling Podcaster Who Records In-Person Interviews

If you are a person who is going to be doing the majority of your interviews face to face, here is what I recommend and why:

The Recorder

The Zoom H6 is a great recorder that is very flexible, but it also makes recording up to four people (on separate tracks if you'd like) super easy. With an adapter, it can record up to six people at the same time. The price is $369

You also want to pick up a 32GB Ultra UHS-I microSDHC Memory Card for $10. This will give you PLENTY of room for recording.

The Microphones

I was tempted to go with the ATR2100 (which comes with cables) but I found these great Sure SM58 kits that include cables and windscreens. The Price is $108 if you're on a budget then you can go with the ATR2100 (which has cables, but you will need to order windscreens or pop filters) which are around $80.

Microphone Stands

There are tiny desk stands, but they almost always require poor posture by the person using it as they hunch over to use it. I recommend the On-Stage MS7920B Kick Drum Microphone Stand that are super sturdy, but also has an extension so you can sit up straight and have the microphone in front of you. The price is $30


So all the participant can hear each other, they need headphones. I recommend Audio Technica ATH-M30 ($60 – the ones I use) or you can buy a four pack of one MX40 and three Mx20 for $199

You will need a Mackie headphone amplifier ($40) to plug all the headphones in and everyone can have their own volume level. You will need this cable ($6.45) to plug the H6 into the Headphone Amplifier

You will also need an adapter to plug the headphones into the headphone amplifier ($3)

Using the Materials

The microphone clips got on to the stands. The microphone goes into the stands. The Microphone cables have one end plugged into the microphone and the other end into the H6. The windscreens go on the microphones.

The one cable with a “small” end on one end of the cable and a “large” end is used by plugging the large end into the headphone amplifier and the other end into the headphone jack of the H6.

Cost For Three People

Zoom H6 $369
32GB Ultra UHS-I microSDHC Memory Card for $10
Sure SM58 kits $108 (times three is $324)
On-Stage MS7920B Kick Drum Microphone Stand $30 (times 3 is $90)
ATH-M30 $60 ($180 for three) Plus Adapter ($9 for three)
Headphone Amplifier $40 plus this cable for $6.45

Total For Three People $1029

Optional: Carrying Case for H6 $99

Optional Case for four microphones $150

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