The Sure SM7B Setup

So many people see Joe Rogan with the SM7B and wonder if they should go that route? It’s a great microphone (Michael Jackson recorded thriller using that microphone). Just know that it’s more expensive than say an Electrovoice RE320, about the same as the darling of radio the RE20, and most people that use one … Read more

An Inexpensive Microphone Arm For Video Creators

Neewer Adjustable Suspension Boom Scissor Stand Round Shape Wind PopShield Shock Mount and Phone Holder

I’ve had people who want to start doing more videos for Facebook and Youtube, and they have something like the Samson Q2U, the Audio Technica ATR2100, or the Audio Technica AT2005 and they want a shock mount and boom arm for it. Neewer manufactures inexpensive microphone stands. While they won’t compare to something like the … Read more