Sound Devices Mixpre-3 Review

If you are thinking of purchasing a portable recorder, a mixer, and a USB interface, I've got one device that will do all of that at the same time. Here is a quick summary:


Super small design
Great sounding preamps
Great sounding USB interface
Love the ability to do all at the same time
Easy to use, and easy to see display
Multiple options to power (batteries for the ultimate in portable recording)
Easily assign inputs
Automatic “Mix Minus” I didn't have to do anything
Cool “wingman” smartphone app for even easier viewing (and naming tracks)
Make Presets


The power button is in a weird place
While it runs on batteries or USB-C, a standard DC power supply is extra
No ability (currently) to add a marker


The Sound Devices MixPre-3 is $649 and the MixPre-6 is $899

How is This a Bargin?

If you purchased a USB interface that could plugin three XLR microphones like the Scarlett 18i8 USB 2.0 Audio Interface (2nd Generation) that is $349.00

Then add a portable recorder (in this case with just two XLR inputs standard ) a Zoom  H5 Handy Recorder with Interchangeable Microphone System is $269

That is $618, and now you have to lug two things around, for $31 more you get the convienience of having everything in one unit, better preamps, and more flexibility.


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