Best Podcast Microphone Stands

The ATR2100 is my favorite podcast microphone for the money, but the stand that comes with it is very small and will have to hunch over to talk to it. So there are a couple of options.

Sturdy Portable Boom Stand $13

This stand is great for the person who can setup a studio and leaves it, and may have to tear it down and podcast from multiple locations. The stage rocker was originally designed to put in front of a bass drum, but this works great for a podcast and here is why.

THIS THING IS STURDY. When you're not using it as a stand, you can use it as a weapon. This will not fall over. The arm can extend out so you can sit comfortably and still have proper microphone placement

The best part is its $20

Neewer Metal Suspension Boom Arm $13

The NEEWER Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand is an economic stand that can handle most microphones. The mic clip that comes with it fits the ATR2100. It comes with a cable wired into the arm. If you are looking for an arm to get the microphone off the desk this is it. Definitely get the shock mount / pop filter is you are using the ATR2100

Rode PSA Swivel Mount Boom Arm $99

I've seen and used the Rode PSA1 Boom Arm and used it. The difference between this and the new model is it just felt and looked better. A little more polish, a little more solid. However, if you are looking for a channel to hide the cable, there is none. you can use ties to tie the cable the arm. If you need that feature then you need to look at the next option

Heil PL-2T Microphone Boom Arm $120

The Heil PL-2T is the Cadillac of boom arms under $200. This not only is rugged and sturdy, but it has a channel to hide the cable and keep things neat. There is a counterweight included to accommodate lighter microphones

The nice thing about boom arms is they can be moved and give you back your desk space. If you're potentially going to be moving them while recording, be sure to get a shock mount to reduce the sound and vibrations going into the recording

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